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Smart Electric are industry leading global specialists in designing and manufacturing outdoor lighting.

About us

Smart Electric was founded in Taiwan in 1979. For almost 40 years we have been providing outdoor lighting products and services to the US and worldwide markets. Our commitment to the US lighting market was solidified in 2012 with the addition of the Smart Electric North America facility in Conover NC. We are an engineering driven company and are experts in OEM and ODM lighting design, development, manufacturing and sourcing. With a focus on clear communication, project management and logistics we provide our customers with the products, tools and services to help them grow their business.

Global Reach —
Global Understanding

Taiwan — HQ and Manufacturing

At the core of the Smart Electric Group is our HQ and Manufacturing facility in Taichung Taiwan. Through meticulous engineering and QA processes our manufacturing facility prides itself on creating the very best product for our customers at the very best price. Each product and client demand our best efforts to create lasting value for the end user.

North America — Connectivity

The goal of our North American division is to connect our design and manufacturing services to our clients. With extensive on the ground experience of the US lighting market we work with our clients to develop lighting concepts that fill the needs of the OEM client and the entire chain of commerce. Defining the scope of work, professional project management and delivering the right value is at the core of keeping our clients connected to their customers. Warehousing and logistics services add even more to that value.

United Kingdom — Design

The latest addition to the Smart Electric Group is our Design Centre based in the UK. Staffed by designers with a diverse and extensive range of experience the role of the Design Centre is to create products which can help expand the business of our clients. With extensive experience of European and North American design culture our designers understand the importance of design to our client’s businesses.


Product quality begins with process quality. Engineering and production must be based on scientific practice, not trial and error. Carefully communicating the overall objectives is the foundation of determining the scope of work and process needed to complete the task on time, under budget and in line with the quality expectations of our OEM/ODM clients.


As an OEM supplier we never sell direct. As your service provider we always treat our proprietary projects with total confidentiality. Our desire is to become an important asset to and an extension of your business. We measure success in the quality of our connections with customers... not the quantity of our customers.

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